Developing a Regular Practice

This 30 day on-line course is designed to introduce positive changes into everyday life, the first week starting with 15 minutes a day and slowly building up to a 25 minute practice, easily applicable and sustainable. Integrating energy medicine, physical postures, movement and meditation to enhance awareness and cultivate more peace, joy, enthusiasm, and passion for life.



1. A Daily Practice

Weekly video clips of a daily routine consisting of simple physical exercises that awaken the body and clear the mind, along with short meditations.


The routine will be introduced slowly with more exercises added each week. Developing, by week four into a fifteen minute physical practice, followed by a ten minute meditation.


2. Daily Pleasures

Each day will offer a different ‘pleasure’ to focus on, something easily integrated into everyday life, to strengthen awareness and draw us into the present moment.  


3.  Favourites List

At the beginning of the course you will be asked to make a list of 30 things you enjoy doing, big or small; from going to your favourite café to mountain climbing, from having a lie in, to galloping across the countryside at full pelt. Next to each item you will put a date of the last time you did it (approximate will do). If you are doing this course after a retreat or a holiday this is a good chance to add the things that enhanced your experience at that time.


4. A Weekly Check-in (which will require a Journal)

This will require no more that 15 minutes for you to write or type (your choice) in your journal the things that are working for you and any other thoughts and feelings you have. Keeping a record helps you to stay focused, acknowledge and digest what is working. It will also serve to remind you why you are doing this, which will help to keep you committed should your enthusiasm wane.  


Throughout this course we will consistently turn our minds to what is working well. This does not mean we are putting plasters on broken legs, as there may be days we feel low, upset or are dealing with difficult situations. There are certainly times when it is important to deal with such emotions. However, the purpose of this course is to build our pleasure muscles. The ones that look out for, notice and enjoy the millions of things that are good and right in our lives and the wonderful world we live in.










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