Week Two

Do the following Daily Routine and Meditation at least once a day this week











Daily Pleasures 

Day Eight– Enjoy Your Nostrils!


Today the attention is on what our noses are experiencing. As much as you can, bring this sense to life. Take time to stop and smell the flowers, the fresh tea towel, the food you are eating, the busyness of the street, the fresh morning air. At least three times today stop whatever you are doing and savour the smells under your nose.

Day Nine – Have a Conscious Cuppa


At least twice today savor a beverage of your choice. Feel the warmth of the cup in your hand, notice the steam rising, the warmth on your lips the taste as it rolls over your tongue and down your throat. Slow down and enjoy it.

Day Ten – Go a Different Route


Whether it is a route to work, where you walk the dog, how you get to the pub; go a different way. A friend of mine once asked for directions when he lost his way whilst driving in Ireland.  The man he asked enthusiastically engaged in a detailed description of how he was to get to his desired destination. He finished by saying ‘It’s not the fastest way to get there, but it’s the prettiest so I think it’s quicker.’ I think that is a fabulous philosophy!

Day Eleven – Do Speak To Strangers


Make a point of speaking or at least smiling at three strangers today. Surprise the woman at the busy checkout by asking her how she is doing. Tell the man at the bus stop that you like his shoes/smile/hair. Ask someone directions (you may end up somewhere pretty)!

Day Twelve – Slow Down


Today’s pleasure is all about doing things that little bit slower; whether its getting dressed, walking to the car or eating your meal, take time to make time.

Day Thirteen – An Attitude of Gratitude


It’s gratitude shower day again. Find your spot, sit down, relax and blast yourself with gratitude, savour and feel each thought and try to make sure the things you acknowledge are different from the things you showered yourself with last week.

Day Fourteen - Check In


1. Journal time. How was it for you this week? What smells did you enjoy, what did you notice about that conscious cuppa? Did you see something pretty or notice anything different on your new route? Did it make you more present? Were the people you spoke to happy and willing to connect? How was it to slow down? How was you practice? What was lovely about doing something on your ‘favourites’ list?

Focus on all the things that worked for you.


2. Make a combination ‘pleasure’ for today by using two from your list.


3. Choose a small ‘favourite’ and make a date.  Then, choose one that may require some planning and commit to doing it sometime in the next year.

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