Week Four

Do the following Daily Routine and Meditation at least once a day this week















Daily Pleasures 

Day Twenty Two – Breathe in Colour


At least three times during the day, look around the space you are in and choose a colour you feel attracted to. Take three fully conscious breaths, breathe that colour deep into your lungs and let the vibration of that colour reverberate through every cell of your body. Remember the intention is important; just decide to take in the vibration and let your body do the rest.

Day Twenty Three – Pamper Yourself

Choose one simple thing like brushing your hair, oiling your body or having a shave, and make it a luxury moment. You know how to do this now… slow down, bring your senses to life and savour every sensation.

Day Twenty Four - Eat or Drink Something Different


At some point today choose to eat or drink something you have never tried before. It may be that you just cook something in a different way. Or you may want to be more adventurous…

Day Twenty Five – Take a Conscious Walk


Take a conscious walk around your neighbourhood; it could be a few minutes walk down the road you live on. Notice all the houses, the gardens, front doors, recycling bins, whatever is there; take time to notice details that normally pass you by.

Day Twenty Six – Dance Through The Day


Make grace and ease your focus today, glide rather than walk, sit weightlessly onto you chair, feel ten foot tall as you stand with ease, enjoy any movement you make, play with it, dance with it, enjoy being in this body you live in.

Day Twenty Seven – Gratitude Shower


It’s gratitude time again! Dig deep, find something new; immerse yourself in the goodness.

Day Twenty Eight – Check in


Journal your thoughts and feelings about this week. Did you enjoy breathing in a particular colour? What was your choice of luxury? Was it enjoyable to take time and pamper yourself, even for a few minutes? What did you enjoy about eating something new? What did you notice in your neighbourthood? Was it fun to move with grace and ease? What did you do from your list of favourites & when will you do it again? How do you feel about your daily practice and meditations?

Congratulations! You have given yourself the gift of 30 days to experiment with a daily practice and simple daily pleasures. I truly hope you have enjoyed it and feel inspired to continue.


So now what?


I suggest you start again and go deeper, you may want to turn this into a 90 day course by continuing with the daily practice and meditations and taking a pleasure per week, diving deep with it and fully exploring; you may even want to make some of your own up. Whatever you do, I wish you lots of fun, love and adventure on the next stage of your experiment. May it be lifelong and bring you much joy.

Thank you, for everything you do to make this world a better place for all of us,

lots of love Lianne x
















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