One Woman Show:



A desperate dancer embarks on the West-End audition of her life. Fully armed with a bucket-full of self-help tools and a determination never to be intimidated again, what can possibly go wrong? They say 'God loves a trier'. This hilarious and heartbreaking, all-singing, all-dancing one-woman show takes the audience behind the scenes of the glitzy and sometimes brutal world of showbusiness, dipping into the often weird and wonderful world of self-help. Adapted for stage from the book Lessons from Leela, a memoir by Lianne Campbell.


**I've thoroughly enjoyed performing this 45 minute show over at retreats and festivals over the last three years. I am currently taking a break from actively seeking venues to perform in whilst I rustle up a few new projects! I would still be happy to consider invites. Please contact me here if you are interested. Thank you.**


"Exhilerating, funny Real and authentic" - Bettina Horvat

Audience member, Oxon Hoath Retreat

"Intriguing and full of life, she really takes you with her" - Pandora Ellis

Audience member Laughton Lodge 

Lianne’s performance was too funny! But she also takes you on a rollercoastride of emotions- The gal’s got talent alright! - Fiona Haughton


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None of the the exercises, opinions, advice, classes, workshops, blogs or vlogs I offer are intended to take the place of medical treatment or diagnosis. Whilst participating, please listen to your body; should you feel any pain or discomfort listen to that as a way that your body says no, and stop. These practices should leave you feeling joyful and well. Should you require any further help please feel free to contact me.