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What are you practising today?

We are always practising something whether that is being irritable, peaceful, judgemental, optimistic, stressed or enthusiastic, sad or happy. We practice through the conversations we have with others, our thoughts and self talk, how we spend our time and where we put our focus. Whatever we practice we become good at, repetition creates a habit and our habits create our personalities.

When we are choosing to change a habit it helps to see it as practising something different rather than simply adding something else to do in your life. Every minute of the day we are directing our energy somewhere so if you see making changes as simply redirecting your energy it won't feel like you are adding to the 'to do' list. Instead it will help you to stay focused on what you want rather than what you don't want.

Choose to use language that opens us possibilities and practice the things that nurture joy, peace and well-being in your life.