Resolve to support yourself

The time of year to make new resolutions is upon us and so still is the season of winter, a time for reflection and quiet, a time when energy is low and resources are few. If we go with nature at this time we can replenish, get clear and be ready with renewed energy for springtime. Consider making resolutions that will sustain you throughout the year, make promises to yourself that you can keep by focusing on things that are enjoyable and nurturing. Resolve to choose healthier food, find delicious alternatives, explore new ways of exercising that feel fun and satisfying, make a feel good list and choose one to do either weekly or daily; a long bath, a short meditation, a walk in nature. We have a natural desire for joy and fulfilment so focusing on what we want rather than abstaining, avoiding or forcing ourselves is a far more sustainable and realistic way of succeeding in creating a habit we prefer. Everytime you keep a promise to yourself you help to build your self esteem. Resolve be kind and supportive to yourself and see for yourself how much easier and lighter making changes can be.





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