Reframing menopause

In my last blog 'Menopause - what I wish they'd told me' I focused on the 'gold' to be found in this stage of life and, how our cultural attitudes can play a big part in the way we experience this transition. And now a few thoughts on how our language can impact:

Along with the word menopause, words like 'diagnosed,' 'symptoms' and 'treatment', are often linked, words that can medicalise our experience and suggest that it is some kind of malfunction that needs to be conquered, rather than a natural transition to be welcomed and explored. What if, instead of being 'diagnosed' we were congratulated and encouraged to mark the beginning of this transition? A trip out with friends, a simple ceremony or a weekend retreat; something that suggests that we can look forward to change and welcome a new phase of life. Instead of dealing with 'symptoms' and 'treatments' we could pay attention to how we are responding (not reacting), and take time to decide what care and support we are going to give ourselves. By adopting a more gentle and positive language we can very quickly swap feelings of apprehension and resistance with curiosity, acceptance and even joy. Without a doubt, the world could benefit from shifting away from control, fear and resistance. Maybe the first step towards global peace and harmony is to take pride and care in the body's that we live in.


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