Mindful Moments

There are many benefits to practicing mindfulness, it has been shown to have a huge improvement on physical and mental health; lowering blood pressure, reducing chronic pain, lifting depression, improving sleep. Being present helps us to notice and savour the precious moments, however small, creating a general feeling of well-being and fulfilment. The more we notice the simple things; the flower on the road side, the smell of coffee (if you like coffee!) in the kitchen, the light in the early morning, the more we can bring a feeling of gratitude to the forefront of our daily existence. Whilst a short daily meditation has many benefits there are also many ways to bring mindfulness into your daily life:

Choose something mundane you do on a regular basis and often on automatic pilot and turn it into a mindful moment.

When you wash up feel the water on your hands, notice the temperature on your skin, the cloth as it moves over the cup and breath deeply.

As you close the car door listen to the sound it makes and then notice how different the atmosphere inside the car compared to the outside.

Dress yourself slowly, feeling the materials on your skin and be aware of each body part as the fabric makes contact.

When you stub you toe notice how it throbs and smile ....Jus' kiddin!'

Mundane tasks and daily actions can become tools to create a habit of dropping fully into the moment. Cleaning your teeth, climbing the stairs, sitting on the bus, taking a shower, Bring you senses to life and notice what you hear, feel, see, smell and taste. A mindful life is a full life. Being present is enough.

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