Menopause - what i wish they'd told me!

That menopause can be an exciting time of growth and personal development.

Along with the rough I would feel an increasing sense of strength and clarity.

That the insecurities of my youth would have less (if any) authority in my life.

That any inauthenticity in my life would come to feel so uncomfortable I would have no choice but to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

I would feel more at home in my own skin than ever before and find it easier to speak my mind.

I would feel more confident and care less and less about what other people think.

That growing older can be can be fun, a time to reap the benefits of what life has taught me so far and put them to good use.

The word menopause generally doesn't often conjure up feelings of positivity and celebration in our culture. More often it is seen as something to be dreaded or feared, denied even. Certainly transitions come with their challenges; hot flashes, mood swings and feelings of well that's that then! Days feeling low, lost and tired. Big transitions come with upheaval and, without a doubt, menopause is epic! However, I refuse to believe that natures design is for us to only suffer, there is gold within this natural upheaval and our cultural attitudes play a huge part in keeping that prize well and truly hidden. Menopause is more often than not seen as an inconvenience to be controlled and managed, rather than embraced and cherished. This transition is a right of passage, a time when we receive a fresh burst of creativity, a time to reflect, renew and, if we choose, reinvent ourselves. Affirmative beliefs and attitudes towards this inevitable change that all women will go through are paramount to mental and physical well being throughout the process and beyond .

I would advice that through this precious time you;

Nurture yourself regularly, walks in nature, long baths, quiet days reading whatever works for you.

Reach out when you need support, whether that be friends, family or a therapist. Choose people who can listen and also be positive and up-lifting.

Have a daily practice such as yoga and energy medicine to help keep your body relaxed and open and so it can transition easily.

Meditate - tune in to the wisdom and strength that is arising and trust your intuition.

Adopt an attitude of curiosity and let things unfold.

Eat well and drink plenty of water.

Help your liver to process with a good supplement, (milk thistle is my favourite).

Coming soon - 'Embracing Menopause' workshops, stay in touch!





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