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Celebrate your stumbles

In our fast paced modern day lives it is easy to loose focus and go onto automatic pilot, dropping back into a way of being that we have become accustomed. We often make firm decisions to change and then catch ourselves doing something we swore we would never do again. It's easy at this stage to drop back into toxic self talk and berate ourselves for failing, moving even further away from what we want to create.

Instead, acknowledge that you have already broken a pattern by noticing you are doing something you no longer want to do. Until we are conscious of something it is impossible change it so the first step has already been taken in becoming aware. Once that has happened you are already present, from there you are able to re-direct your attention and create a more expansive, kinder and supportive environment for you to live in. Each time we stop an automatic negative or familiar behaviour and remind ourselves of what we want to think and feel we strengthen that thought until it becomes our default setting. So celebrate your stumbles when you notice them by reinforcing what you do want.