Calm, cool and collected.

In these turbulent times people are being told not to panic or not to be fearful. I agree that it is vitally important to get fear and panic out of the equation, as not only does it hinder the immune response; like also attracts like, so whatever emotion we continue to feel perpetuates. However, been told to do so leaves us feeling un heard, dismissed and alone with our problem. Hearing someone say "I understand that you are fearful" or "Are you worried about your health?" is far more effective than being told not what to do. If you feel fear and panic; first of all acknowledge that you do so and allow yourself to pause and feel the emotion without trying to change anything. Once you've done that you can help the emotions move through your body by moving; you can shake it out, go for a brisk walk with the intention of releasing, or you can use the simple energy techniques in the video below. Lastly, remember to focus on what you do want; use phrases like "I feel calm" I feel peaceful" " I am safe". Wishing you all peace and good health.


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