Mind your Language

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Language is powerful and has a big impact on the way we approach life, affect others and feel about ourselves. Rather than using words like ‘have’ to ‘should’ and ‘must’ replace them with ‘want’ or ‘choose’. In other words - make it a choice rather than a chore. Changing the way you say something to yourself or another can make any chore, obligation or instruction to yourself, lighter and more appealing.

For example:

“I have to change my diet” - “I am choosing to eat foods that make me feel better”

“We’ve got to go now we will be late” – “Lets leave now so we are on time”

“I must get up earlier” – “I would rather give myself more time in the morning”

“I don’t have the time to do that”– “I am choosing to do something else instead”

It is subtle but the language we use makes a huge difference to our sense of choice and freedom. Make a commitment to speak kindly to yourself Watch out for phrases such as ‘trust me to forget that’ Or ‘I’m pretty useless at ….. Our thoughts are constantly affirming who we are. Write a different story. Another biggie is the word try. Just stop for a moment and ‘try ‘ and put your hand up. Did you manage? What does trying to put your hand up look like? Pretty feeble eh? So next time you hear yourself promising to ‘try’ and be on time/get up early/start a new diet/do your daily energy routine. Take the try out if it and just say your going to…..Go on try it!

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