A different Kind of Revolution

There are more people in the world that want peace than war, equal rights than dominance, fair trade than free trade, and to find solutions to the problem of greed, rather than paying lip service to alleviating poverty. Yet the world is still run by the minority. Why? …because we have become compliant. The good news is that people are waking up to the fact that the world is like this because we allow it to be, and it is exciting to see more and more people are becoming pro-active in creating the world they want to live in. Whether it is reaching out to our communities, buying local, being self employed, un-schooling or being active within our education system, it is time to take back our right to live our lives how we choose and be active in making the changes we want to see in the world, by being responsible for our own happiness and security. We are not powerless; every thought counts, and every action, however small, makes a difference. In fact, making small steps is the answer. Take a look at your life and see what you would like to change...and then focus on where you want to put your energy. If you feel you need support, send out a text or email, or put a post on Facebook and you’ll be amazed how many other people are thinking the same way. When we come together with a common goal, in strength and unity, and peacefully take our right to own our lives, magic happens.

I believe we are at a time when taking back our individual responsibility is paramount to creating world peace. It is time to leave behind the blame culture and get pro-active. Taking responsibility is very different from taking the blame. In taking responsibility we are not pointing the finger at ourselves instead of the other, we are simply taking back our power to create the changes we want in our lives. This is not about waging war on what 'is', or fighting for change. We get more of what we focus on and we have focused long enough on what we don’t want. It’s time to get clear on what we do want and act on it....and the first place to look is at ourselves. We don’t have to be ‘sorted’ individuals to make a difference in the world, however it takes peaceful people to make a peaceful planet. The world is a reflection of our collective consciousness, therefore focusing on creating happiness and peace in ourselves is an extremely valuable way to serve humanity. It’s not really rocket science. When we are happy, we are naturally more generous and accepting. Taking steps to make our lives happier by following our passions, and changing deep rooted habits and beliefs that cause struggle and discomfort, has a positive impact not only on ourselves, but also on our families, our community and the planet. One more individual that feels fulfilled and content is one more step to a safer, happier, more peaceful world.

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