The Daily Energy Routine

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

This daily energy routine is the foundation of my practice and, over the years it has had a cumulative effect making a huge difference to my health, attitude to life and general happiness level. It is something I can always fit into my day, in fact on days I know are going to be busy I do the first two or three whilst the kettle is boiling, a couple more whilst it’s brewing, and the rest in between getting dressed and making breakfast! I have taught this routine to hundreds of people over the years and the feedback is always positive and varies from being ‘life changing’ for some and feeling more energised and centred’ for others. To date I have never known anyone who has committed to doing this short daily practice and has felt no benefit. Its been a joy to share over the years and quite frankly I would never want to be without it. It comes from the work one of my teachers and great inspirations in life Donna Eden.

Donna is a remarkable woman, international speaker and healer whose own health challenges took her to the point of being told to "put her affairs in order" in her early thirties. Using her ability to see energy, she began her long healing journey back to vibrant health and is now in her seventies and travels the world teaching her unique methods known as 'Eden Energy Medicine' to thousands of people.





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