Online Workshops


Saturday 6th June 10am - 11.15am

Cost - £15


£10 concessions

plus essential energy techniques for your family medicine kit.

Simple tapping exercises are used to reprogramme emotional responses, helping in many areas of everyday life.  Used to calm stress, relieve anxiety and fear, change habits, ease cravings and also to help aid relaxation and sleep, the technique is useful for people of all ages and in many situations.  


We will also cover techniques to clear and balance the stress response, and support the process of creating habits that serve us well.

For more information about tapping, see my blog here!


"A gentle presence who inspires me to be a better person, and teaches with such grace, ease and consideration."

Becky Cameron -  Finance assistant at University of Sussex.


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None of the the exercises, opinions, advice, classes, workshops, blogs or vlogs I offer are intended to take the place of medical treatment or diagnosis. Whilst participating, please listen to your body; should you feel any pain or discomfort listen to that as a way that your body says no, and stop. These practices should leave you feeling joyful and well. Should you require any further help please feel free to contact me.