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30 day on-line course plus a private consultations 


Developing new habits that allow you to make positive changes whilst continuing with business as usual can often feel daunting, and with all the best-made plans, our efforts and enthusiasm can often fizzle out within a couple a weeks after starting a new regime. This on-line course will support you to Introduce positive changes into everyday life slowly and surely until they become a natural part of your life. The first week starting with 15 minutes a day and slowly building up to a 25 minute practice over 30 days, easily applicable and sustainable. Integrating energy medicine, physical postures, movement and meditation to enhance awareness and cultivate more peace, joy, enthusiasm, and passion for life.


The course includes a one hour private consultations with Lianne, a chance to get specific, problem solve and move through the stuff that holds you back. 

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Regular Cost  - £60 

I am offering a concession price of £35 for those affected financially at this time. To purchase at the concessionary rate, please use the button below.






Cost £60

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