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Well-being coach

My passion for dance and movement led me into a career as a dancer and choreographer and I spent over ten years travelling the world working in theatres, television and cabaret. This introduced me to different cultures and their attitudes to life, health and human potential...more


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You may be feeling relaxed, energized and inspired after a wonderful retreat or holiday and wanting to harness and maintain this way of being. Or, you are simply ready to cultivate these qualities and experience more peace, clarity and joy in your everyday life…

Developing new habits that allow you to make positive changes whilst continuing with business as usual can often feel daunting, and with all the best-made plans, our efforts and enthusiasm can often fizzle out within a couple a weeks after starting a new regime.

This 30 day on-line course is designed to gently, slowly and surely introduce positive changes into everyday life, through experimenting with practices that enhance our awareness and help to cultivate more joy, enthusiasm, peace and passion for life. 


Cost £10

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