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An Introduction to a Handpicked Life

My passion for dance and movement led me into a career as a dancer and choreographer and I spent over ten years travelling around the world, working in theatres, television and cabaret. This introduced me to different cultures and their attitudes to life, health and human potential.

During this time I encountered personal health challenges in the form of chronic asthma and almost permanent chest infections, being physically ill led to experiencing anxiety and depression. A desire to understand why I was ill and a belief that I could find a way to heal myself naturally, led me to study other disciplines such as Yoga, Qigong, Energy Medicine, EFT, Energy Psychology and Meditation and I also received support and guidance from natural health care practitioners and healers. In turn this prompted my own professional development and I have been working with these practices now for over twenty five years.


With these disciplines at the heart of both my personal and professional life, I have enjoyed the experience of discovering layer-upon-layer of benefits, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I live in Laughton, East Sussex with my partner Jyotish and our daughter Anousha and whirlwind of a spaniel Leela. I love my work and sharing that which has enriched my life in ways that I could never have dreamed possible.

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