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An Introduction

Shift old patterns and habits that no longer serve you so you can follow your passions and bring more fun, vitality and creativity in your life. Get really clear about what makes your heart sing and create the life you love.

Vitality - Online Course

A 30 day on-line course plus a 1 hour private consultation. Designed to introduce positive changes into your life in a stainable way, slowly and gently cultivating a strong foundation of peace, joy, enthusiasm, and passion for life

Private Consultations

Sessions are bespoke and include; 

exploring lifestyle choices, changing 

habits, building a daily practice 

incorporating yoga,moving energy 

meditation and energy medicine. 


Lessons from Leela - a memoir by Lianne Campbell

A search for happiness, health and deeper meaning. A witty and compelling journey through the joys and pitfalls of chasing fame and fortune, including a humorous and poignant dip into the world of self-help, and its myriad of choices.