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Shift old patterns and habits that no longer serve you so you can follow your passions and bring more fun, vitality and creativity in your life. When you follow your heart and become the best version of yourself you naturally become more generous and caring about others and the world around you.

Join me in creating a happier healthier planet one person at a time.


The Art of Relationships:


Whether with a partner, child, other relative, boss or friend, relationships have the potential to make us more rounded and more expansive individuals.  

Relationships can also be sources of conflict, though, bringing out our worst side, causing us to close down and develop habitual responses.  This can be limiting and destructive.


Online Course

A 30 day on-line course plus a 1 hour private consultation. Designed to introduce positive changes into your life in a sustainable way, slowly and gently cultivating a strong foundation of peace, joy, enthusiasm and passion



Sessions are bespoke and include: exploring lifestyle choices, changing habits, building a daily practice incorporating yoga, moving energy, meditation and energy medicine.

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None of the the exercises, opinions, advice, classes, workshops, blogs or vlogs I offer are intended to take the place of medical treatment or diagnosis. Whilst participating, please listen to your body; should you feel any pain or discomfort listen to that as a way that your body says no, and stop. These practices should leave you feeling joyful and well. Should you require any further help please feel free to contact me.